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Out and about

February 21st, 2016

Out and about

Hello and welcome to this new edition of the site!

I shall be regularly posting new links to blog posts right from this page. So what are the posts about? Every summer I go out walking with friends up hill and down dale and I do this for two reasons 1) I get the opportunity to take amazing photographs of the stunning outdoors 2) its a great way to exercise - it also gets me out of the house - ok thats three reasons but I could go on. I am a fair weather walker simply because I don't like walking in the rain. If we had decent winters and plenty of snow and harsh frosts then I would certainly walk in that but rain and wind - not pretty or fun.

We are the three lost ramblers and we would like to welcome you to our blog. I use the term blog loosely as its more of a journal - is that the same as a blog, maybe? We are three co workers who work long shifts in a boring factory. We share a common interest in the great outdoors, shedding a few pounds, keeping fit and of course breaking the last two rules by enjoying a few pints and a bowl of chips after every adventure.
Every walk that we have been on we have come across many weird and wonderful things. When we start a walk we often say to one another "I wonder what we shall see today" and sure enough we see something. From Giant Ant hills, to World War II generator houses its quite amazing what is tucked away off the beaten track.
Why 'lost' ramblers? Because the maps are always wrong and it leads us in the wrong direction - ok, ok its nice to blame the map once in while but we don't claim to have the skills of Bear Grills or Ray Mears which means on occasion we do go the wrong way. However this all adds to the excitement of the adventure. We don't tend to stay lost for very long and thanks to a new App we get lost less now.
If you are stopping by for inspiration, routes or a good laugh then grab yourself a tipple of your finest poison put your feet up and enjoy our exploits and adventures.

Because I am quite limited to a simple template / design on this blog facility I have decided to actually create the blog post for each walk on a separate site and post the individual links below. Most of the pics I take on our adventures are for sale in the main galleries so please show your appreciation and treat you walls to something special.

2015 Walks

Farleigh Hungerford

Lacock Abbey & surrounding area

Golden Valley II

Farrington Gurney

Kennet & Avon canal + The tunnels greenway

Tyntesfield & surrounding areas

Wellow & Combe Hay loop


Hartland Point Day One

Hartland Point Day Two

Hartland Point Day Three

Hartland Point Day Four

2014 Walks


Golden Valley to Dyrham Loop

Charmy Down Airfield

Frome Valley Walkway

Shipham to Cheddar Gorge loop

Doynton to Dyrham loop

Tintern Abbey & The Wye Valley

Waterfall hunting in Wales

About Stewart Scott

September 3rd, 2015

I first got into photography when I was out with a small compact sony camera. It was almost fully automatic so it was just a case of pointing and shooting. I have always liked nature and history so I had a good idea of what would spark my creativity. I started taking black and white photos of steam trains - once I had realised how to do it on the Sony. I also could take sepia too which really got me snapping. My taste for photography was growing, I needed a better camera so I was good for a year and got my First DSLR for christmas. I got a few books and learnt how to use it.

Once I knew the difference between ISO and aperture, exposure and megapixel I was addicted. I learnt about software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and later on Google's Nik collection. Seven years later I have four cameras and a whole lot of lenses and I love it. I find it very rewarding to go out and shoot the subjects I feel that I connect with. My main tool is a Canon 5D MkII which I use when I visit places with the family however when I am out walking I take my smaller camera 500D (my first DSLR) with me. I have also an underwater camera and a Canon G1X for small family occasion.

I have been a member on FAA since 2013 but decided to go premium last month (Aug 2015). I am steadily uploading the bulk of my best work. Its going to be a lengthy process as I have over 800 images to upload. I hope that you enjoy them. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.