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I first got into photography when I was out with a small compact sony camera. It was almost fully automatic so it was just a case of pointing and shooting. I have always liked nature and history so I had a good idea of what would spark my creativity. I started taking black and white photos of steam trains - once I had realised how to do it on the Sony. I also could take sepia too which really got me snapping. My taste for photography was growing, I needed a better camera so I was good for a year and got my First DSLR for christmas. I got a few books and learnt how to use it.

Once I knew the difference between ISO and aperture, exposure and megapixel I was addicted. I learnt about software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and later on Google's Nik collection. Seven years later I have four cameras and a whole lot of lenses and I love it. I find it very rewarding to go out and shoot the subjects I feel that I connect with. My main tool is a Canon 5D MkII which I use when I visit places with the family however when I am out walking I take my smaller camera 500D (my first DSLR) with me. I have also an underwater camera and a Canon G1X for small family occasion.

I have been a member on FAA since 2013 but decided to go premium last month (Aug 2015). I am steadily uploading the bulk of my best work. Its going to be a lengthy process as I have over 800 images to upload. I hope that you enjoy them. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.